Rental information

For information on renting the hall for your event, contact our rental representative at:

Phone: 780-952-7006



Rental rates effective January 1 2018 will be:


Security Deposit                         Rental Amount (Cash or certified cheque)

Damage Deposit                         $750.00 (Cash or certified cheque)

Hourly (2hr min)                          $50.00

Day Rental                                    $250.00

Night Rental                                 $200.00

Night/next day                              $300.00

Weekend Rental                           $700.00


A.J.(Tony) Lovell RSE


Canora Community League

Here are a few of the amities that we can offer with our hall.

  • Updated lighting
    Large main area
    Area divider is available
    Raised stage
    Seating for up to 263 people
    Folding chairs & tables
    Public address system
    Updated Video system
    large modern kitchen
    Bar, including sink, cooler, storage
    Wide spacious entry with large coat check
    Large washrooms
    Automated doors for hall entry and washrooms.

Pricing, Terms & Conditions



As the rates change for use by use case, you must contact our rental rep for our rates and rental availability.

Terms & Conditions:

Please read our terms & Conditions, If you have any concerns or questions, pleas bring them up with our rental rep.

Canora Hall Rental Policies


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